Friday, February 10, 2006

Film division of Hassberry Entertainment.

Films produced by this division are

ABSENCE (2006)
Graham Stevens, Sarah L. Stephens, Noelle Teagno, and Geoffrey Barnes.

Written, produced, and directed by: Emon Hassan

Currently in postproduction

PRETTY (2005)
Synopsis: Two women find each other at an art gallery one afternoon. A week later, they find themselves in a bloody mess.

Guenia Lemos as Stacey
Don Downie as Mark
Jennifer Riker as Josie

Written, produced, and directed by: Emon Hassan
Producer: Frankie Nasso
Music: Michael Tremante
Director of Photography: Hemant Tavathia
Editor: David Frankfurt and Andreea Borcea
Sound Design: David Fisher and Suite Audio Sound Design
Wardrobe: Amy Kitzhaber
Sound: Anthony Marks
Boom Operator: Mark Santana
Stills Photographer: Mark Santana
Key Grip: Joe Frio
Additional Sound: Gil Calderon
AC: Elsa Tu
Painting provided by: Limor Nesher

Don Downie, Stacie Leigh Scaduto, Jason Nunes, Daryl Lathon, Joyce Isaza, Heather McGonigal, Meghan Scibona, and Lesley Miller.

Produced for the 2004 Cinemasports competition. From creation of concept to screening in 10 hours.
Written, produced, and directed by: Emon Hassan
DP: Sasha Artemova and KJ Kim
Sound & Music Editor: Niki Bhattacharya
Editor: Sanda Htyte and KJ Kim
Music Tracks courtesy of: Michael Tremante